More Of Everything

Life just keeps on happening.  It’s kind of hard, kind of exhausting and overwhelming, but mostly just awesome.  I love it.  And I love hanging out with these people.  They are hilarious.

Here we are unloading the clown van on yard sale day.  Everybody always finds something.  And I’m pretty sure entire free boxes are dumped into my car without a hint of discretion.

This particular haul Jael and Rahab found a stash of Crazy 8 clothes in new condition for 50 cents a piece.  That’s pretty much the only time I spring for clothes at yard sales.  Eve got a Rock-a-Stack for a quarter.  How did I not have one of these?

Rahab bought a lifetime supply of Mardi Gras beads for a quarter.  These are everyone’s favorite and are still trailing around the house in mass quantities.

Even better, I got a $300 Weber, with cart and weather cover, for $20.  Something like that always happens at least once a season.  Which means the rest of the yard sale season is brought to me guilt free.  My licentiousness is bought and paid for.  Last week I got Jehu a lovely pair of all leather Keens for $2.  Right when I was almost desperate enough to buy him some on Ebay.  Yard saling is the bomb.

Jael and her friends after school.  Gideon and Jehu are conspicuously absent.


I’ve also honed in on my kitchen tile.  It’s cheap, neutral, but still has texture, and I think it will look really cool when I take it all the way to the ceiling.  Just, you know, don’t get your hopes up or anything.

The plague visited our house last week.  Little Rahab puked her guts out for 12 hours straight.  12 hours when I was supposed to be sleeping.  However, it all played out very nicely since I didn’t get sick.  Everyone else did, but they can be sick all they want, as long as I can still wash all of their bedding and clean their puke off the toilet.  It really doesn’t work as well the other way around.

I thought last week’s menu was fun.  The children cried.  The things they cannot eat.  And then I have to eat almost entirely by myself.  It can be quite fattening.  Cream Cheese-Filled Banana Bread.  So good.  And I hate banana bread.


The West African Peanut Soup was easy and entirely edible.  It just goes to show that you can’t go wrong with COOKIE + Kate.  And I thought the scalloped potatoes recipe was good as well.  But I’ve never done scalloped potatoes.  Maybe they are supposed to be good, and I never knew it.  On the downside, I made the oatmeal muffins and did the math to find that there were two tablespoons of butter in each muffin.  I had at least two.  Which means I had at least HALF A STICK of butter for breakfast.  You should come by sometime, I’ll share my fat.

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