More Books

Seriously, there are so many books to read. Who has time for school?

The top row contained the actual school books. The graphic nonfiction was just for kicks.  They eat that with a spoon. The chemistry books take a little more convincing.

This is Jael’s lineup.  I like this illustrated science series. I also like how the boys couldn’t help but pick them up as well.  Which seems to be their problem in general. As I type this, we’re getting ready to head to the library for chess. How much do you wanna bet there are going to be more books there?

**  While checking my books out at the desk the librarian stopped, turned to the other librarian and asked, “What is this?  I haven’t seen this before.  It says she has checked out too many books.”  The other librarian started clapping and then overrode it.  Because there is no such thing as checking out too many books.

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