I Voted

I grew up in a non-political household.  And I am so glad I did, because politics are overrated. From what I can tell, it’s all gossip and sensationalism, and in quantities to make you vomit.  But still, there is something to be said for taking your responsibility seriously, even if warily.  There is also the greater responsibility of modeling this to your children. I didn’t vote until I met my husband. I’m pretty sure he votes because his parents did.  And I hope our children will vote, because we do.

There are four elections scheduled for 2016. That’s four free field trips. Each time it prompts a conversation and a civics lesson. And everyone gets a sticker.  You can tell they’re homeschoolers a mile away.

Being the anti-suffragette that I am, I also love how my children get to see their father take the lead in politics. He is the one who comes home from work dirty and takes time to research the candidates.  He is the one who gets us all in the van to go to the polls, when it’s actually time for dinner and he’s starving.   He’s the one who keeps track of our voter registration cards, knows where we are going, and answers everyone’s questions.  But my absolute favorite thing, is that he does it all calmly and dispassionately.  Because he knows God is on the throne and we are not. Voting may be a responsibility, but it is not a religion.

And that’s just another way you grow up Otto.

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