Oh Look, Even More Books

The latest reading lineup for the boys.  We like the Wow Science books. They are a little older so they still have a resemblance of a story line without resorting to fact splatting.

Here is Jael’s stack.

I was thinking about it the other day, but these books are our documentaries. It might be an oddity for homeschoolers, but my kids haven’t watched a documentary in years. I’m sure they’re better than nothing, but documentaries don’t impress me. I feel like they take the most sensational, and often least documented facts, and then swell them out of proportion. Not to mention, they are often loaded with agenda.  I hope that reading actual books can give my children the confidence to go to the source for their information.  Just because it’s in a book, doesn’t mean it’s too hard or too obscure.  And just because it’s on TV, doesn’t mean it’s true.  I also hope that reading so many different books on the same subject will help them realize the fallibility of their sources altogether.  By their sixth book on Benjamin Franklin, they should start to notice each author’s individual take, and become a little more critical.  Reading makes you work for it

This month I did our big literature haul exclusively from the book, “Books Children Love.”  It’s always interesting to see which books the children take to and which ones they can’t stand. I think they surprise themselves as well, since they are quite adept at judging a book by its cover.

And those are some pretty ugly covers.

P.S.  I Am David and Farmer Giles of Ham got ecstatic reviews. By the Great Horn Spoon and Whalesong were close behind. 

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