The Last Time I Make Sushi For You

I had this dream of being able to make sushi on a whim for dinner. Like it was nothing. Once I reached this point I could have sushi all the time. I even bought the kids little chopsticks. But no, no one likes sushi. This is a shock.

Well, except for Rahab and maybe Jael. They are certainly the least discriminating.

Gideon and Jehu went on a full out hunger strike.  Gideon said mockingly,”I know, let’s get a mushroom and a cucumber and some other unidentifiable undersea objects, wrap them in seaweed, and put them in some rice.”  Well, I hope you starve.  The both of you.

Eve started the meal by eating wasabi straight.

After that she wasn’t too interested.  For all intents and purposes, it looked like I was trying to kill them.

In the end, I had to eat it all myself.  It was considerable.

The little blighters.

4 thoughts on “The Last Time I Make Sushi For You

  1. Yours is beautiful! I am so impressed. We found out the expensive way that children hate sushi – took 5 of ours to our favorite sushi place and no one would really touch it. What is their problem? They love rice otherwise, why is it disgusting when rolled up?

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