20 Bunnies

The bunnies had babies!  Some people were excited. 0b7a52d9-9e07-4bc1-8333-a066764a8fe7-1

The downside was that the bunnies had their babies in the neighbor’s yard.  And there was no catching them. The kids chased bunnies in circles for weeks. So Father bought a trap. Still no luck. Daddy would come home from work, eye the bunny infestation, and groan inwardly.  But finally the boys got smarter and were slowly trapping them, one at a time. Although, more often than not, the bunnies would escape right after we caught them. Progress was slow, but we were getting there.

Then, one day, Gideon came into the house and said, “Uh, I thought we had most of the bunnies…but I just counted 13.”  We all ran across the yard and climbed the privacy fence. Sure enough, the neighbor’s yard was crawling with tiny white bunnies. Daddy face palmed himself and cried. Children cheered.

But this time the children were ready. They trapped the bunnies like nothing. Gideon has turned pro. The very last one was caught this morning.  And they are so stinking cute. We’ve sold 8 of them so far. One family bought six for their six kids, four of whom have Down Syndrome.  A little 3 year old girl came and picked one out just last night.  You could tell she was going to love it to pieces.  “This one is mine!”

I know you want one. What the bunny surplus really means is that the kids have a bunny in their pocket or up their sleeve at all times.

I found the Monty Python clip about the killer rabbit on YouTube. The kids loved it. You can see this video here of Gideon trying to catch one of the more feral ones. Once, Jehu and Gideon were in the cage trying to catch a particularly vindictive white bunny.  Jehu kept on screaming, “It’s jumping at my face!  It’s jumping at my face!  Ahhhh!”We’re taking our remaining bunny population to our cousin’s this weekend.  It’s not going to be the same around here. But how much do you wanna bet there’s going to be a brand new batch by the time we get back?Because, really, how do you homeschool without piles of bunnies?  

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