Back In Business

I have had a hard time blogging lately.  My laptop died a month ago.  Typing on the iPad makes me feel like a frustrated neanderthal.  It’s just not worth it.  To make things worse, I depleted my Google photo storage.  And I filled up the iPad storage.  So I was sitting high and dry.  That’s when my husband rescued me.  He cracked open the laptop again and told it to work.  Then we created another Gmail account and it’s all quite like magic.  Hello again.

This week one of my friends came through town unexpectedly and I watched her six kids.  Jael asked for a craft and I remembered the old calendars we had found in a free box the week before.  Add glitter and glue and you have happiness.

Any time I see glitter at yard sales I snag it.  The kids love it.  You can add glitter to almost every situation and make it better.  Just do it outside.

Judith, did you glitter the baby?

And why are you carrying around a chicken?

Our guests stayed for dinner.  My friend pointed out that it’s so much easier to crash on me because I already have dealings with the mob.  Acquaintances with only a few children have mild panic attacks at the thought of either of us coming over.  Where are we going to put them?  What are we going to feed them?  But for some reason, feeding 15 is hardly different than feeding 8.

Gideon was teaching the babies how to sword fight.

This little man has five big sisters.

Gideon made his eyes light up.  Who is this and where have you been all my life?  I want one.

I made rhubarb crisp for dessert and the girls packed it off to eat in the corner of the yard.  I think they had a wonderful, if somewhat feral, evening.

The next day we had one of Marc’s good school friends over.  It’s so fun to get to corner someone at our table for a whole evening.  And not have to share.  Although the children didn’t shut up.  Still, it was nice to get to keep her for a while.

Yesterday the children ran in the Capitol Classic.  This might be the 4th or 5th race they’ve participated it.  This year I actually managed to get a week of practice runs in so no one died on race day.  I think we’re even going to keep our morning runs as part of the summer schedule.

Jael found her good friend in the race and it was fun to see them zip past together with big smiles on their faces.

Doesn’t she look speedy?

Afterwards we took the goofballs to the library.

And I’m still trying to pick up the pieces.  I gave my foot a stress fracture running so I’ve been limping around catching only the tail end of messes.  If we had less fun I’m sure it would be easier.


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