We Eat Breakfast

Sometimes I think we get used to doing things the same way we always have.  Which must be why some people can eat oatmeal every day.  It is just so easy to take food for granted.  And I suppose there is nothing wrong about utilitarian eating, per se.  But food is amazing.  I want to eat it.  And so I will.


That is what I decided.  If I want to have scones for breakfast, then I’ll damn well have scones for breakfast.  Really, who is going to stop me?  There are no secret breakfast police.  At the most, breakfast takes a half hour to make, not counting baking time.  That’s usually when I do my Bible reading or get dressed anyways.  And after a few tries, scones are the easiest things to make.  So why not?  Any time you make the effort to do something a little bit harder, all of the sudden you are a little bit more capable, and suddenly it’s not hard at all.   I just want to say, if you want to eat breakfast, eat it.  Really, it’s okay.


I suppose everyone has their proclivities.  People all expend themselves towards their desires.  Mine just happen to all involve butter.


Besides, breakfast is horribly underrated.  And undeservedly so.  Especially when there are recipes with names like “Bangers and Mash.”  How can we resist?  I have slowly accumulated a collection breakfast recipes on my Pinterest, and have been doggedly cooking through them.  Sometimes I wish my audience was a little more receptive.  They do cramp my style.  But I have found a few things they do like and I keep trying.


Scones still rank at the top.  I make them at least once a week.  These apple ones by Martha Stewart are quite good.  Served with tea, they are perfect.


8:00 a.m.  Because breakfast somehow makes life better.


One thought on “We Eat Breakfast

  1. Yum! Your house definitely does not need the secret breakfast police; unless of course they are dropping by to get a good breakfast.

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