Trader Joe’s!

There was a picnic after church so we stopped at Trader Joe’s to get snacks.  Everybody LOVES going to Trader Joe’s.  Loves.


We got cheese, bread, crackers, strawberries, chocolate, sushi, kettle corn, and cheese puffs.  I realized on Sunday night that I did not cook a single thing all day.  Or run my dishwasher once, much less three times.  Hallelujah.


Before I let the children cover themselves in food, I had them lay down on the grass so I could take their picture.  Tractor Papa has been wanting a photo tie for a year now.  Can you see who was trying to ruin it for everyone?


It’s a good things she’s cute, even when she’s grumpy.

IMG_5606Is it just me, or do I only make the same kind?

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