Books To Read

I was listening to NPR today and they were talking about Americans’ lack of scientific knowledge.  I think they went so far as to say we were “ignorant of modernity.”  I guess there is a survey that goes around with basic, true/false science questions and we squeak past with an average score of 74%.  And these are the kind of questions like, “Is the center of the earth very hot?”  No kidding.


So I got to thinking, if we don’t remember any of our science education anyways, why shouldn’t it at least be fun?  Linear driven learning feels so much like the opposite of learning.  Learning should be immersive, it should be self-directed, it should be interesting, and while we’re at it, it should probably include pictures.


I recently listened to a podcast interviewing a lady whose premise was that everything you need to learn could probably be learned from a picture book.  The fact that I don’t actually get to read these books, kind of makes me jealous.  In fact, you probably want to come over to my house, just so you can read these books.  But we have jobs.


The book “Ten Kings” is a repeat, but has a great repertoire.  Sometimes monarchs got it wrong, but so often they got it right.  Their lives, accomplishments, education, and innovations are quite impressive.  So far, Gideon so far wants to name his children Peter, Frederick, Alfred, Alexander, and Catherine.   Yesterday we heard music composed by Frederick the Great on the radio.  We were like, “It’s him!”  Justin Bieber eat your heart out.  Besides, “Benevolent Absolutism” has such a nice ring to it.


Here are Jael’s books.  I was impressed with the Smithsonian series.  They were just her reading level.  I will have to find the rest of them.

IMG_5649What do you want to read?


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