Gideon Turns 12

It was the perfect day for a picnic in the park.

My handsome boy turned 12.  And grew about ten inches.

A long time ago I made the move to streamline birthdays.  Because, frankly, they can get to be too much.  Times 6, and it’s excessive.  So I thought about what were the most important things to me, and I immediately settled on food and fellowship.  I don’t want to have to limit who we could invite, and I don’t want to have to budget food.  Basically, the entire birthday budget goes to feeding people these days.  I’ve also stopped buying the children presents.  For one, they don’t need anything.  And for two, everyone else buys them presents.  Let’s call it good.

We did splurge on some PVC pipe and Duct tape at Grover’s.  Gideon wanted to make sure there were enough Duct tape swords for everyone.  I think from afar they look like a budding group of D&D enthusiasts.

My sister Violet.  “You know, she’s the one with the Mercedes, sauna and a musical bidet… Classical, of course.”

The year before last, Gideon had a cheese tasting party.  This time he asked for everyone bring a bar of exotic chocolate for a taste test.  He also requested pie instead of cake.  He does know what he wants.  I also made a big batch of kale slaw and a slew of Shish Kababs.  Everyone brought food to share as well, and I’m pretty sure I spent from 2:00 until 5:00 eating.  And I would do it again.


The girls brought their swimsuits and played in the fountain.  The babies played on the playground.

Opening presents.

A quick picture of the chocolate wrappers before I threw them away.  The flavors were spicy chili, potato chip, hazelnut, raspberry, blueberry, and wasabi ginger.  You will not be shocked to know that the hazelnut entry won by a significant margin.

Toward the end of the party the children who did not want to go home climbed up in the tree and stayed there.  You can’t see them, but there were seven of them.  I think they were there for close to an hour.

Good place for them.

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