We’re rocking a crazy summer schedule right now.  My mother-in-law emails me articles on how it’s good for children to be bored.  But I just don’t get it.  Who has time to be bored?  I had to run off early one Saturday morning, when I got home I found the children watching cartoons on my absconded laptop, still in their jammies.  I was shocked and horrified.  “What are you doing!  Get your clothes on!  Give me that computer!”  After I cooled down, I realized that watching cartoons on a Saturday morning in your jammies is practically an American tradition.  Only it triggers my gag reflex.  I don’t believe in jammie days.


And I don’t believe in summer vacation.


My policy is that you don’t have to do school when there is something else that you need to DO instead.  Summer is full of opportunities that we don’t have during the school year.  We’ve still been squeezing in some school around their activity schedule.  But it’s much more relaxed.  This is when I like to work on their Excellence In Writing curriculum, since we don’t have time for it when we’re doing Shurley English.  They also still keep up their science and history reading, as well as not doing near enough math.


My favorite part of the summer itinerary is golf.  The kids are starting to love it now that they are going on their third year.  Before they would ask, “Why do we have to do golf?”  And I would say, “Because you are an Otto!”

Now they beg to go to the golf course and can’t wait for their tee time with Tractor Papa.  Because golf is so much FUN.  Who knew?

We’ve still been trying to have friends over on a weekly basis.  We were able to catch our missionaries before they headed back to Peru.  I love every one of these weekly get-togethers.  Whenever I see one of the pictures it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.


As soon as it got hot, we set up a pool on the patio.  After years of trial and error, I have settled on the snapset pool.  Can’t beat it.  You can tape the holes, it drains easily, and it’s not too big.  Which means you can afford to change the water ever 2-3 days.  I couldn’t deal with maintaining a filtered pool or doing the chemical math.  Plus, the big kids are old enough to bike to the local pool by themselves, which is a mile away and only $1.25.  And since I don’t own a swimsuit and hate leisure, not having to go to a pool all summer thrills my soul.

Barnes & Noble is literally around the corner from our house.  It is our favorite AC destination.

We move in like we own the place.

Summer also means yard sale season!  I find so many things it is crazy.  And I’m not even a hoarder.  Wink, wink.  This week Jael scored these Lelli Kelly shoes for a quarter.  Super cute.

Rahab doing math.  If anyone ever annoys me I say, “Hey, go do some math!”  Rahab does math every day.

This Saturday I found Gideon in bed in a pile of books, finally at peace with the world.  It’s the weekend!

On Saturdays the children get to read books, play Legos, do art, and we’ll usually make a trip to the park or the library (but not the pool).

This Saturday we also had friends over for dinner and fireworks.

It was jolly.

But on Sunday it all hits the fan, because we let them have the iPad.  Screen time kills any sense of ambition or creativity.  But it also means I have time to blog, because my children have all turned into zombies.  Actually, I don’t have time to blog.  But I thought you missed me.


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