Summer Reading

What’s up for the boys.


Jael has a lot of easy picture books this library haul.  Everyone loves the short, easy to pick up picture books.  I always know that if I bring them into my house, they won’t leave until everyone has been through them.  They are like candy.


In addition, I always keep a little required reading on hand.  Just to keep them on the straight and narrow.  When the kids were just starting out, I was able to control everything they read.  Now it is entirely out of hand.  And I’m okay with that.  I enjoy them enjoying themselves.  Still, I am not one of those parents who believes that in order to be a “reader,” a child has to read only what they are into.  I still hold the power to veto.  I still actively guide my kids and, sometimes, I even push them.  Their tastes grow, they try new things.  And so far, I am very pleased with the way they read books.  They still read sensational trash for 8 year olds.  But they will put things down if they don’t think they are well written.  They will stop reading a book they like, if they feel it is too dark, or if the Lord is despised.  They don’t like books where the main character is a turd or is disrespectful.  And they don’t go for fluff.  What they do like is magic, adventure, imagination, and more magic.  But they are highly selective, more than that, they expect to be impressed.  They want the best.  My hope, is that in some way, their reading of boring books, old books, and books with ugly covers, helps push their expectations.  It is my hope that they will continue to grow, and that as they continue to read good books, only good books will do.


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