For Reals

These are awesome.  It just gets to the point where you’re not going to detour every time someone needs to go to the bathroom.  I stow them under the van seats and if someone says, “I need to pee!”  I say nonchalantly, “Go pee.”  But I’m not stopping.


We have needed to use them so many times that I am starting to wonder what we ever did without them.  It must have been before the number of children reached critical mass.  And actually, sometimes, if it got that bad, I would just hang Rahab’s butt out the suicide doors and hope no one noticed.  This is much more discreet.  Did I mention I was discreet?  I think that word came out of my mouth.


We were quite a ways out of town a couple weeks ago and one of the children waxed explosive.  There was literally nowhere to go.  Too much traffic and too few bushes.  Afterwards, I pulled over in the sagebrush for the boys to dump it and rinse it out with a water bottle.  Two seconds later they jumped in the van yelling, “Go, go, go!”

You never saw anything and we were never here.

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