Pick A Color

**  Good news, I finally pulled myself together and picked a winner.  Congrats Codi!

In my previous post I mentioned that I wanted to start Professor Grant Horner’s Bible Reading Plan.  I’m not sure I actually wanted to START it, I might have just wanted to print and laminate the bookmarks.  Laminating could be one of my personal sacraments.  I remember when my mother had a laminator at work, I would collect things in my backpack to feed through it after school.  The usual magazine cut-outs as well as spiders and giant beetles.  They would crunch and sizzle as I fed them through.  But come out perfectly sanitized on the other side.  It was wholly satisfying.


Here is my set of bookmarks sandwiched in my ESV Heirloom Legacy Bible.  The Cadillac of Bibles, which is why I made the bookmarks instead of simply downloading the free app.  I thought about it, but screens are fatiguing.  Print is fresh and tactile.  And once you think about it, there’s really only one way to do this.


I was excited about this plan because, first, it was recommended by Nancy Wilson.  And she’s always straight up.  Second, I really love the idea of flooding yourself in scripture.  Not reading slowly or taking too much time over the things you don’t understand, but reading so much scripture that everything slowly begins to come to light in light of everything else.  This plan takes you through ten chapters a day on different rotations.  I love the idea of being able to hit everything more frequently and being able to hit some things constantly.  Before I was just reading the Old and the New front to back, and there is just too much left out in the middle.  Like, everything.  This plan is also very straightforward and forgiving.  The idea is to move each bookmark one chapter every day.  What happens if you don’t move a bookmark?  Um, you move it the next day.  While your goal may be to read ten chapters, you’re ultimate goal is simply to READ every day.  And there’s no dated list that’s eventually going to come around and stab you in the back.

I went ahead and made extra copies since it seemed like a nuisance to go through the trouble for just one set.  I thought I could share them with the girls in my book club.  But I also thought I could give away a set here as well.  If you want them leave a comment and pick a color.  I expect the competition to be stiff.  😉


11 thoughts on “Pick A Color

  1. Love the orange bookmarks; I also have a obsession with laminating. And to this day find laminated sheets of scripture or hymns tucked in odd places.

  2. Well, I saw your post on this and KNEW this was the reading plan for me! So I printed some on white card stock, colored them with colored pencils (we did the colors of the rainbow plus a couple for each set), and then I remembered that we can’t locate our laminator sheets. So very sad 😦 I love laminating things!!! So I will put my name in the hat as I know with 8 kiddos, my unprotected bookmarks might now survive for long!

  3. I want Purple! Or Red! Or frankly any color cause I need this and some organization in my life right now-and devotions is good place to start- and my laminator is in a box as my house is in “moved in and trying to paint and fix-up before we unpack everything and go to Poland and adopt three kids” chaos. Which is so not all going to happen before we actually go but I can dream and get some of it done. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Coming home to a family is more important not a done and decorated bedroom. I keep telling myself that one too:) Your blog is one of the things that reminds me that family and relationships are where the focus needs to be. Thank you for that.

  4. I would take any color you can part with! But mostly, i am thankful for you blog and wisdom that has had such a strong impression on me! You really need to write a book! I love this reading program and have never done anything like it. Reading the whole Bible has been, quite frankly, very intimidating to me. I love my Bible Study Fellowship where we spend a year on a book but I do feel I need to read the Bible as a whole to gather the full concept of what Jesus has fulfilled for us. I have never read the whole Bible, or even close, since first becoming a Christian 12 years ago. That is very convicting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Can you send me some as my birthday present… please? (And extras for my friends). How did you know just what i needed Big sis? Or if that’s too much to ask i can just buy a laminator and start my own random bug and quote collection; which i might do anyways now that you mentioned how much fun it is 😉
    p.s. i like the lime green, pink, and lavender
    p.p.s i had my Instagram account 3 days before contemplating your previous post and deleting it. Thanks for saving me from more self absorption, missed real life adventures, and fellowship ❤

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