School Starts…Tomorrow

Which means 6:30 is the new 8:00.  …I don’t know, it just sounds like a bad idea.


I had to tweak the schedule just a little more and I’m still at an entire loss as to where to squeeze in copy work.  Then there is the minor detail of having Bible study on Wednesday nights and soccer practice Monday through Thursday.  I cannot tell you how much we despise soccer practice.

SCHEDULE - Google Docs-page-001 (5)

A new addition for the school room is this wall organizer I found at a yard sale.  My husband is incapable of finding math books in order to correct them (if finding somehow implies looking).  I thought if I hung them on the wall it might make things more straightforward.  That’s as straight as it gets.


While yard saling, I also found a stack of cork tiles for $3.  My husband kindly cut them into hexes.  Wait, did I say kindly?  I think he said something along the lines of, “What the hell is wrong with squares?  Do you have to make everything difficult?”  Yes, and squares are passe.  This is awesome and inherently worth your suffering.


In case you were wondering, it’s a timeline.  I have a stack of old business cards I found while tidying.  Every time the kids read a history book I want them to be able to draw a memory picture, add a date and title, and put it up somewhere.  I think we will also use it for field trips, movies, etc.  Instead of putting up the pre-printed cards I want it to be more of a scavenger hunt.  In the hopes that they will be personally invested in filling it up.


Our new school books came in the mail and so far we’re looking at $100 in curriculum for this year.  I also spent $20 on school supplies, mostly folders and composition books, and another $15 on printing.


I also had to move the white board up higher to prevent desecration.  Instead of displaying princesses and missile launchers, we’re going to use it for Daddy’s vicarious math assignments, ideas for our Saturday holidays, and reminders for events. (Like, have your shin guards on by 5:00.  Do not wait until 5:30 to start looking for your shin guards.  If your shin guards are not on by 5:00 and you can only find one soccer cleat, you will be hung by the toes.)


Pictured below are Gideon’s, Jehu’s, Jael’s, and Rahab’s school books (left to right).  Starting at the top with Shurley English, then Logos Spelling, Classical Conversations memory work, history/science journals, creative writing journals, and Saxon Math (not pictured).  Rahab is a little out of kilter.  She’s focusing on reading, with some writing, her own memory work, more Saxon math, plus her dot to dots and a pile of other miscellaneous workbooks to keep her busy when she needs it.


And then I scoop it all up and put it in their individual drawers.  We store all the coloring books and art journals in the bottom drawer.  That way Judith has something to get into as well.


All that leaves now is loading the dishwasher and putting a pile of sticky little kids to bed.  So I can drag them out of bed, kicking and screaming, in the morning.  Provided my husband does the same thing to me before he leaves for work.

One thought on “School Starts…Tomorrow

  1. WOW! All that cool regular stuff, you know like the math, science and poetry etc., and you do ladder drills on top of all that! Who would have thought it, a whole company of little Otto Fire People! If you want to expand it a little more you could add hose relays before the weather cools off to much. 😉

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