What The Dickens?

Care to guess which one of these vehicles actually runs?


That’s right.  It’s the one with the missing hubcaps, over 200,000 miles, and flopping door handle.  And you can’t take the key out of the ignition or the steering column locks.  But it still drives.  The transmission on the passenger van, however, is toast.  And since we are still paying for the van, we can’t afford to fix it.  Actually, we probably could fix it, we just find the prospect insulting.  We’d rather take our bikes.  It’s kind of like, “See if I ever talk to you again.  Jerk.”


So instead of over-extending ourselves right before we go into winter, we’re going to see if we can wait it out.  I did the math and we only live .8 miles from Dutch Bros.  It can’t be too serious.  (And .5 miles from Winco, if you’re wondering.)  The good news is that if we change our transmission fluid and only use the van to go to church, it might still get us there.  Plan on getting stalled in traffic when it refuses to shift, but it’s better than walking, right?  Here are the kiddos making their 2 mile library trip last night.  Not too bad.  (Unless you’re Eve.  Because Mommy doesn’t have a bike to pull the second bike trailer.  I’m really not convinced this is problematic.)


I was thinking about how odd it was that this didn’t appear to bother me.  It started to cross my mind that I must be rather stalwart, and then my heart stopped, “Wait, what if the washing machine broke?  …The dishwasher?”  I repented on the spot.  I am not even marginally robust, I just happen to enjoy the prospect of not having to go anywhere.  Ever.


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