PNW ISA Tree Climbing Championship

Yes!  It was as exciting as it sounds.  It only comes to Boise every 8 years, so Daddy Boy felt obliged to compete.  But now that he has, he wants to do it every year.  Next stop, Seattle.


I sometimes feel like arborists are the odd men out.  People will ask me what my husband does, and I’ll say, “He climbs trees.”  And they’ll say, “You mean, like lawn care?”


There are guys who climb trees.  For a living.  Yes, it’s true.  And when they all get together you can feel the camaraderie.  “Finally, people who understand!”


Because really, no one else does.  No one else understands your fascination with ropes or the way you fondle a carabiner like you were Gollum.  But that’s okay, you have come to the right place.  These people are here for you.


We had fun following Daddy around.  His portable fan club in a wheelbarrow.  He was the only Boise local so our enthusiasm was grossly disproportionate.  Not only were we the only fan club, but there were 11 of us.  Go Daddy Boy!


Here he is, getting ready to go up for the work climb.  It was kind of like an obstacle course, up in a tree.


See if you can spot him at the top.


Here is the video of the climb.  They really were fun to watch.  Each one was different.  There were five events to compete in.  Overall, Boy came in 18th out of 30.  Which I say was pretty good.  For an old man.

Work Climb from Miranda Otto on Vimeo.


A sexy old man.



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