Mama Tried, Mama Tried

The girls went under the scalpel yesterday.  It’s not that evident in the picture, but in real life the chops are obvious.  As Grammy often asks, “Did your mother cut your hair again?”


I’m sorry, but it is what it is.  I am not growing out your hair and I am not going to be constantly tying it back with hair ponies and clips.  On a good day, I’ll wet it down and comb it.  But frankly, a woman has to know her limitations.  And you’re looking at it.


Sorry, Judith.


I guess I just like the practicality of Depression Era haircuts.  They seem to reject the Victorian notion that girls are miniature women that you dress up in gowns with bows and curls.  No, go play.  You’re a kid.  Besides, no one has time for that.


And no one asked you if you liked it.




2 thoughts on “Mama Tried, Mama Tried

    • Oh yes, that’s why I cut their hair all off. 😉 I’m more inclined to neatness and put-togetherness than I am towards hair as a virtuous necessity on young children. Although I gladly concede to women who can capably have both. There is nothing I love more than seeing little girls with neat hair. Only I hardly ever see it. Even at church. I see a lot of feral hair though. And it is one of my pet peeves. I think it is because I spent a lot of time at the daycare my mother directed, and there was more feral hair there than you could shake a stick at. I can’t stand it. So I am happy with a hairstyle that I can hit with a spray bottle once, and it stays neat and out of their eyes for the rest of the day. Not to mention, after washing three heads of hair a day (not including my own), then combing and detangling them, blow drying and styling my own hair, as well as braiding my eldest daughter’s hair, and re-combing my boys’ hair, I am kinda haired out. What’s even worse is that I hair out after doing just my own hair. :/ I’m sticking it out though, because when the girls are old enough for grown up hair, Jael will be adept enough to braid it and I will be off the hook. 🙂

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