It’s A…

Exactly, who goes in this chair?  What’s it gonna be?  I bet you want me to tell you.  Because I’ve known for weeks and I just haven’t gotten around to letting you know.  Is that rude, or what?


Okay, fine.  It’s a BOY!


I’ve been a guinea pig at the new pregnancy crisis center that is going in downtown.  It’s been all kinds of fun.  Only I haven’t made an appointment with the midwives yet.  I remember one pregnancy, I put it off until I was six months.  I’m sure I’ll work up to it yet.  Until then, we’ll just skip to the fun stuff.  😉

Hooray, hooray!


8 thoughts on “It’s A…

  1. Congratulations! That’s great! Please tell me that you have saved the older boys’ baby clothes all these years….. I waited through three boys before I got another girl and I love seeing her in her sister’s dresses.

  2. I found my way back to your blog just in time to find this out! I have impeccable timing. 😉 Congratulations!! How exciting. Yay babies.

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