August/September Book Club

Isn’t she a showstopper?  That’s what I think too.  This is my friend Sharla at our first book club in August.  We had lunch with cauliflower tacos, fruit salad, cream cheese banana bread, and tea.


I think I could get used to this.


We threw all of our children outside and didn’t look at them again.  They seemed to be fine with that.  We choose “Present” for our first book.  Not necessarily because it was the greatest book, but because it started where we need to start.  We need to own our time and differentiate between our real lives and our online lives.  Between what is hard and what is easy, between wheat and stubble.  I talked a LOT about it here.  Overall I think we all needed the reminder and the encouragement.  Here’s to staying in the game.  img_5044

For September we choose “A Meal With Jesus,” and talked about the ministry of hospitality.  Jesus came “eating and drinking.”  It made me think of all the effort I spend on food, and how so often it seems like a waste of time, yet in the end I have an arsenal.  I can make food.  Heck, I can throw food.  And food blesses people.  I can invite people into that blessing, casually and frequently.  Because I already did the time.  And I want to say, the time is worth it.  The table is a powerful place.  Jesus ministered to people around a table.  Ordinary people.  When we open our tables, we open ourselves.  We share, we minister, we bless.  I think a powerful treatise of the book is that we shouldn’t assume the church can do this job for us.  This is our job.  This is not a job for an institution, it is a job for us.  A job for Christians.img_5145-1

Besides, can you say chocolate dipped strawberries, lemon blueberry cake, fruit salad, and tea?  Really, this is my new favorite thing.img_5146-1

For October we’re reading “Eve in Exile.”  Which I cannot say enough good things about.  I’m only hoping my life will line up in such a way that I can will be able to sit down and write a book review on it.  You know, while it’s hot.  Short of that, you’ll have to read it yourself.  🙂

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