Just a few photos to catch up.  Since I don’t have a van my friend Sharla took me yard saling last Friday.  And since she only had four seats, I left the two older boys home alone.  Something they don’t get to do often.  I thought it would be a dream come true.  Instead, they thought they were dying a slow horrible death brought on by a shortage of sisters.img_5160

When we finally arrived home, with our yard sale haul of play dough, they could not have been more excited to see us.  Pretty soon all of the children were happily settled in at the table where they played for the next two hours.img_5168

I asked Jehu, “Does this mean you don’t wish you came from a family of four?”  He looked at me in horror and shook his head.  Apparently too much peace and quiet can be a little soul sucking if you’re 10.


That evening Marc mentioned one of his friends was coming to play with chainsaws in the back yard.  I said to just invite them all over for dinner.  BECAUSE (this is the greatest thing ever) when you’re already feeding eight, another five doesn’t make a difference.  I didn’t even have to alter the menu.img_6618

Of course, it helps when you are making Indian food and the children opt for voluntary starvation rather than plum chutney.  Because that just means there’s more for us.img_6621

The menu from last week.  Which was quite satisfactory.


On Sunday we had an impromptu party hosting the Filipino missionaries who were in town.  One of my good friends is from the Philippines so I invited her, who, in turn, invited two other Filipino families.  It was a riot.  They all descended on my house with boxes of food and stayed until 9:30.  I was like, these are my people.  Take me to your leader.img_6660

Of course, I do have a few ulterior motives.  Or maybe it’s just one.img_6664

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