Parade of Homes 2016

Last weekend I did the Parade of Homes tour with my friend Christine, and the following day I did the Heritage Homes tour with my friend Kristin.  It pretty much was the highlight of my year.  My favorite thing ever.194505646359175_sierra-01

This was the first time I went on the Parade of Homes, and unlike the historic homes on the Heritage tour, this is all new builds.  And while it was fun, I mostly learned that I don’t like new homes.  Not because they aren’t smashing, but because they aren’t workable.  They’re not homes for families.  They have a lot of oomph and a lot of status, and boy is there a lot of bathroom, but I wouldn’t want to live in one.  Unless by “live,” you mean “recline.”  Probably why they also don’t have yards.  But, out of all the houses, this was the only one I felt I could be at home in.  Largely because it has the vibe a modern farmhouse, as well as the feel of a tight, efficient floor plan, even though it was still vomitously “open.”  Oddly enough, it was the only house on the tour that packed any historic nostalgia at all.  The inside was more or less predictable, but I could still swing it.  You know, if I had to.  😉923782785888761_sierra-09

Of course, there are a few things that would have to go.  Like the carpet.  The next thing I would need is real wood molding, wainscoting, window trim, doors, and cabinets.  It’s not too much to ask, right?  White looks nice, but I put a lot more stock in not feeling like I have to wipe down white baseboards, white doors, trim, and cabinets all the time.  Wood grain is amazing and pretty much tops my list of must haves.  In a confined space with upwards of 70 sticky fingers, there is much that needs to be forgiven.  The other thing I really like are single panel doors.  Because I don’t like dusting door panels, or anything else.  A place for shoes and coats in the entry would have been nice.  And the lack of a tub in the master is a gross oversight, but other than that, I think it’s okay.  For $285,000.  Provided it came with at least an acre.  🙂874722685199230_sierra-02

The kitchen was small and efficient with a capacious corner pantry.  There was room for entertaining and my 12′ table.  And it all opened onto the patio for extended seating.  Adults inside, children out.467542928643524_sierra-04

There was no family room, but I’m not sold on needing one.  As long as there is a library/homeschool room.  There was also a lovely U-shaped hiding space under the stairs, which is really all children need.  That and a permanent place to color.  Which is what I would use the bar for, since it’s not big enough for feeding people.519828210119158_sierra-16

Upstairs there were four bedrooms.  Apart from the master, they were all tiny.  Which I love.  Your bed and clothes go in your bedroom, and that’s it.  Just like prisons, orphanages, and rehab joints for clean and sober living.  Same thing. 284862507134676_sierra-19

The upstairs had a decent size landing, with a large linen closet, room for a reading chair, and spacious family laundry.675689175259321_sierra-22

The master suite was big, but it didn’t take up half the house.  I really don’t get the giant master suite thing.  Or, even worse, the giant master bathroom thing.  It’s disconcerting to think about the sheer surface area in there that would need sanitizing.  Bathrooms are not living rooms.  You have to draw the line at how long you can hang out in the same room as the toilet. 562194829341024_sierra-12-1

I also don’t dig the double sinks.  After sharing one sink with 8 people, I think I could hack sharing a sink with just my husband.  But mostly, I just don’t want to clean two sinks.  Then I would turn the other sink into a sit down vanity.  Which is much more exciting.359548632521182_sierra-13

I also really loved the shower.  There were lots of showers on the tour that were fancier, but this one very unique and comfortable.  You kind of stepped up, and then down and around the corner, into a cozy little shower with lots of natural light.  But where is the bathtub?


I guess I would also love a window seat on the stairs.  It seems like such a waste of dreamy romantic space otherwise.


Here is the floor plan.  I’m interested to hear what my mother makes of it.  She has opinions.  You can see the door that leads under the stairs to a rather massive hiding space/play room.  Looking at the floor plan again though, I can see myself stealing the maintenance space from the garage and turning it into a built-in hutch for the dining room.  I would also close in the right bay on the garage and turn it into a work-shop.  Actually, I would probably be much less generous and turn it into a sawdust free “project room,” where sewing machines and cordless drills could exist in a slightly tenuous harmony.  No, wait, I would probably kick out the man tools entirely.  Excuse the slight mental lapse.  What was I thinking?193202060647308_sierra

In the bottom picture you can barely glimpse the charming built-in at the back door for sorting mail and storing cookbooks, as well as stashing all the coloring supplies.

You’re right, I probably could live here.  It wouldn’t be half bad at all.  I think I have already mentally moved in.


**Click here for a link to the listing and more photos.

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