Books, Finally!

We haven’t had a van for about two months.  What this really meant, was that instead of going to the library twice a week…we went twice.  It was pretty rough.  Last Tuesday was our first real visit back, where I placed 49 holds and raked all their history and science books off the shelves.  We’re back in business.img_7005
I don’t know what your thoughts are on comic books, but whenever I see non-fiction ones I grab them.  All.  For the simple reason that they get read.  I don’t even have to assign them for reading.  I just leave them lying around.  By the time they go back to the library, everyone’s had a little refresher course on photosynthesis.  Naturally, it helps that there are no Spiderman comics lying around to provide any real competition.img_7006

We also really enjoyed Jacqueline Morley’s “You Wouldn’t Want to ___” series.  So I was excited to see she started a new one.  Not that I think they are exactly top notch, but I can appreciate the fact that the children read them on impact. img_7007

“Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales” were what I was really excited about though.  The children checked out at least 70 books, but these three were the ones that got fought over, hid in underwear drawers, read, and reread, and probably will not be returned without threats.  Since the kids read these in their free time, for assigned reading I had them research the actual events online, and then write a journal entry.  Oddly enough,  Wikipedia becomes fascinating when it is used to fill in around an already vibrant story.  img_7008

Really, they were too much fun.img_7009-1


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