October Book Club

I think the hardest thing about book club is finding a day to meet that suits everyone.  I still cannot figure it out.  I am literally free 24/7.  Now…now would work.  Other people, they have lives.  This is incomprehensible.  What?  Last month I could not find a day that worked for everyone (or even half of everyone), so I did it twice.  Yep.  Monday I made Coconut Curry Soup and Vegan Key Lime Pie.  And Tuesday I made broccoli cheddar soup, rolls, and crisp.  Now that I think about it, Sunday we had friends over after church and I made Kale White Bean and Sausage Soup with rolls and pumpkin pie, while Thursday I brought dinner and dessert to my sister.  The nice thing about over-booking, is that entertaining only once a week suddenly seems entirely manageable.  In other words, feel free to ignore your limitations.  They just cramp your style.


When I was getting Tuesday’s lunch ready I ran outside to check the kids’ table.  I opened the front door and stumbled into Occupy Wall Street.  I asked the homeless children about their apparent displacement, and they mutely pointed to the toddler over-run picnic table.


Apparently nobody likes eating with savages.


I already mentioned that this month’s book was Eve in Exile, which I truly loved.  And you should get yourself a copy.  If my two weren’t loaned out I could give you a few of my favorite quotes.  Instead I’ll just butcher them off the top of my head.  But she said something to the effect that men speak doctrine, but women speak poetry.  Men deal in truth.  But women make truth taste.  They make it smell.  As material beings in a material world, never underestimate how powerful that is.  Our lives and our culture become stunted when we mute half of the message.  When we have truth, but not it’s beauty.  When we say that the role of women is inconsequential, insignificant.  That home is a waste of time, food is not worth our effort, that sacrifice is demeaning, and fruitfulness is a burden…it’s almost as if half of the advance guard was convinced to throw down their weapons and walk away.  And we wonder at the rate the world has rushed in upon us.  No, pick back up your swords, and then sharpen them.  They are important!  I think, in a way, sin and lawlessness are not best fought with picket-board truth emblazoned in Sharpie.  They are fought with glorified truth.  With truth lived out, enjoyed, enfleshed.  And we are the ones who enflesh it.  Evil is overcome with good.  And good is not something you can read about, it is something that has to be seen.  In you, in your husband, in your children, in your home.  And what is the end result?   “So that no one may malign the word of God.”   Heavy stuff.


Another thing I’ve been thinking about, since we started book club, is friendship.  As Christians we are called to speak into the lives of others, to bear each other’s burdens, and to hold each other accountable in community.  And none of this is done without work, without effort.  And as I have gotten to know these ladies more, I have realized how little I knew them in the first place.  What have I been doing?  I don’t know.  But what I do know, is that friendship seems to be relational to how intentionally we pursue it.  Which might start off as kind of awkward, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say it is worth it.  😉  Sally Clarkson just put out three podcasts on Christians and friendship and I think they were the good kind of challenging.  You might like them.

P.S.  Also, the dessert pictured above looks suspicious because it is.  One of the girls is vegan so I made a key lime pie out of avocados and cashews.  I think it may have caused me to laugh maniacally during assembly.  Really, it was too funny.  But also well received, so you can file it with your other vegan ammo.  😉


4 thoughts on “October Book Club

    • Yes, we use Doodle. 🙂 I enjoyed that article too. I think one of the things I really like about cooking for book club is that I can make whatever I want and no one is going to cry! It’s so liberating. I should hang out with grown ups more often. 😉

  1. I just finished reading this. Took some of the things that I seemed to know intuitively, but struggled with how to live out and put some meat on it. Love that it brought it back to the bible.

    • I’m glad you got to read it! I think the feeling I got the most was just feeling incredibly validated. Like, this is who I am, what I was made to do, and thank you for telling me that it actually matters. 😉

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