I think you can tell how boring a person is by their Christmas list.  Brace yourself.


Melanie Folwell makes this lovely art print that is for sale here in Boise at West Elm.  I just like it.  And I love my city.


My husband and I have been staring at these on pre-order for a long time.  We were going to buy them for each other for Christmas.  Now I think we will continue staring at them, because we missed the pre-order price.  And it serves us right.img_5409

I have been wanting some honest to goodness Emma Bridgewater.  I can’t decide between this one and her “Yellow Pom,” but this one is definitely classic.img_5417

I was thinking about getting a Clamcase for our iPad.  Because I hate touchscreens and my laptop is pretty much dead.  So the question is, if I put the iPad in a Clamcase, will it turn into a laptop?  That would be nice.


Pens.  I love pens.  The messiest juiciest pens you can find.  Preferably retractable ones.  Because lids don’t stand a chance around here.


I’m starting to think, with baby #7, it just might be time to invest in a rocking chair.  Just maybe.


I have always loved Fiestaware.  We used to have a set, but I had to give it up because it was too unwieldy, the kids still managed to break it, and it took up too much space in the dishwasher.  (Hello Corelle.)  But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to collect their pie plates.  For one, I make a mean pie.  For two, three, four, and five – I always make more than one (who needs just one pie?), when Jael is older she wants to do pie subscriptions, I always leave pies and pie plates at other people’s houses (indefinitely), and someday I plan on throwing at least four pie weddings.  Hence, pie plates.  Lots of pie plates.

But mostly, I just want to stack them somewhere and stare at them. 🙂

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