One of the favorite hammers in my “get ‘er done” toolbox is the simple mental act of linking one activity to another.  Wash your face = buff the sink, read the Bible in the morning = drink 3 cups of water, put the girls to nap = tidy the bedroom.  What I have learned is that you eventually cannot perform one activity without automatically doing the other.  It’s the law.  (Provided you are a staunch mental legalist.  🙋🏻)26e31d99-e180-4d62-b7c9-60a3e0c3d2a7

For a while now, I have been trying to nail down regular family read-alouds.  In a family that hates read-alouds.  Really, we don’t like it.  We prefer to read our own books.  By ourselves, thank you very much, you’re just ruining it.  But there are some things that are best enjoyed together.  Actually, make that one thing.  Humor.  British humor.  “Moss grown septuagenarians” and “pumpkin-headed foozlers.”  It’s the bomb.  And it all goes towards having a shared family culture, language, and a deep pool of colorful pejoratives (a must).c8f39128-6ad9-4f98-8a59-a1d53c605582

The trick?

Hot chocolate.  I picked up a giant canister of Stephen’s at Costco, and if you want to drink it, you had better brace yourself for some Wooster.  Because you’re not getting one without the other.  That way, in the evenings after we clear the table, the mob decides if they want hot chocolate or not.  And it’s hard to resist the mob. 72ebcc32-38a9-4fd6-b810-d3566e1b5291

I think getting going was so hard because P.G. Wodehouse is an acquired taste.  (Are they even speaking English?)  But, if you give it a chance, it does start to grow on you.  And I think, after a few years, we might start sounding kinda funny ourselves.

As Jehu often exclaims, “Capital!”

5 thoughts on “Wodehouse

  1. The challenge perhaps lies in avoiding the boy scout acts of someone like Edwin and the escapades of Thos, et al, which could implant fresh ideas in younger minds, much to the discomfiture of the elderly folks around!

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