Advent Day 6

Which is really Advent Day 1.  The Ottos had such a licentious, long weekend that we didn’t start Advent until Tuesday.  It began with a missive from Grandma demanding Christmas lists, and all the children stating that they didn’t know what they wanted.  Jael actually said, “I don’t know.  I already have everything I need.”  I was like, that’s it.  People have entire careers devoted to making sure there is no shortage of things you want desperately.  Consequently, our Advent activity for Tuesday was walking through Toys-R-Us and letting marketing do its work.

It did.

Rahab thinks she wants Legos.  She does like puzzles and is more math oriented than the other children, so I might be selling her short when I say she is too young.  Who knows.

Eve wants everything.

And I’m pretty sure you can never go wrong with umbrellas.  They will probably be broken before they ever see rain, but I think that’s entirely beside the point

Rahab wants to see Moana and is totally fascinated by the pet pig.  Rahab is all about everything pig.

Judith is all about everything pretty and princess.  She likes these little Ariel bath toys.

And bath castle.  I think she’s going a little cross eyed over that one.

And don’t forget shoes.  Shoes are always in order.

Eve likes ALL dolls.

These Gripper cars looked fun.

And this looked REALLY fun.  She would hardly let go of it long enough for us to take the picture.

The girls were fascinated by the Calico Critters aisle.  Which is a very expensive aisle.  I’m not sure I ever want to go there.

This Teletubby toy creeped me out.  It glowed and sang eerie songs and Eve sucked her fingers and rocked back and forth.  Just weird.

Judith loves coloring.  And princesses.  And glitter.  And dress-up.  And coloring about princesses, glitter, and dress-up?  Even better.  So predictable.

Gideon, on  the other hand, is just plain boring and entirely single-minded.

Jael likes making stuff.

She spent her whole time in the craft aisle.

She also liked this glow light for her night stand.

And Rahab liked this snow globe ring kit.

Jael was like, “Hello, stick on rhinestones.  I’ll take them all.”

Jehu could not find a single thing he wanted and settled for some online shopping when he got home.

Yep, Legos.

I swear, that company owns the souls of the entire male population under the age of 18.  25?  50?  Hard to say.  But they’re done for.

All in all, I think we successfully compiled a glitzy list of all the trashy things grandparents love to buy children, and parents don’t.  No wooden toys, learning games, or anything.  Just the straight up good stuff.  Preach it.


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