Advent Day 12

“Make squirty pancakes. Whaaaat?”

Monday morning we were faced with an impromptu road trip.  I was tempted to skip Advent, but then I remembered that I had nothing for breakfast *AND* my friend had given me her squirty pancake leftovers the day before.  It was two and two together and all that.  I really had no choice.

I was rushing around the house packing, the little girls were digging their swimsuits out of their suitcases as fast as I could pack them, and everyone else was rolling in pancake syrup and inhaling aerated whipped cream.

Daddy Boy was gone renewing his driver’s license (really?) and renting a car, so when his father showed up I said, “Hey you!” and threw him a spatula.  I think he was kinda shocked that it was 9:00 and I wasn’t ready to go yet.  

Really, don’t be so funny.

We rolled out Monday at 10:30 A.M., made it home Tuesday around 11:00 P.M., clocking 6 hours each way.  I woke up this morning, fed the children Fig Newtons and peanut butter, ran to the midwives/library/Winco, and I am now sitting at the table next to Sunday’s sticky punch bowl, staring at the explosion in the middle of the living room floor.

I haven’t come to any real conclusions on the matter yet.  But that might be because I haven’t actually started thinking about it.  🙂


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