Advent Day 14

I was ready to fall into bed after our road trip, but I remembered I had one trick up my sleeve, somewhere.  We had recently been having a mitten/lighter crisis, so I had bought the big kids mittens and some graphic Bic lighters.  (If you were wondering, the boys light the fires and Jael lights our dinner candles.)  Around the same time, I had ordered the little girls midget mittens from Land’s End.   The package was even sitting on our porch when we arrived home.  Unfortunately, it contained no mittens.  Like, what the Dickens?  I was literally standing there in some half-asleep stupor trying to think what I could possibly put in the little girl stockings, when my husband walked by, threw a bag at me, and said, “Norm wanted you to give these to the girls.”


It was a bag full of Beanie Babies.  Norm, we love you.  🙂img_5629

It was just the right sort of pick-me-up, because the rest of Advent Day 14 looked a little something like this.  And that’s the good looking half.  I think errant party goers on Sunday dumped out Pixy Stix in the girls’ bedroom and ate a few plates of nachos.  I don’t know.  But I also suspect there is an entire ant colony under my laundry pile.


Also, fresh out of tricks.


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