Valentine’s Day

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, think straight up coma.  For two weeks.  Back to back doses of the flu, on top of being 8 months pregnant, and it kind of wipes you out.  That and my laptop is broken.  And I pretty much don’t care.  You get the idea.

I barely made it out of my hole for Valentine’s Day.  I’m thinking about crawling back in.  Let me know when I’m not pregnant.


Valentine’s from miranda otto on Vimeo.


Spears, chocolate, fire!



Chocolate…dipped in chocolate?  Let’s just say, everyone did what came naturally.


Table Dance from miranda otto on Vimeo.


The children were imminently satisfied.  They said something about how they had always wanted to have an orgy.  I’m not exactly sure where they get their information, but it couldn’t have been too far off.  😉  Just ask the decapitated gummy bears.  Or Eve.


“Yup, gonna be feeling that one in the morning.”


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