I May Have Neglected To Mention…

I had a baby. Like, ages ago.


Uriah Dude Otto.  6lbs 9 oz.CB195256-05F1-46D1-9176-BC998C48624A

He was born February 22.  Only one day earlier, I had finally decided I was well enough to have a baby after being sick for three weeks.  My body got the memo and was like, let’s get the heck out of Dodge!  Twelve days early wasn’t early enough.  It dawned on me around 6:00 in the evening that I was going to have a baby.  At 7:00 my contractions were timeable.  At 7:30 We were scrambling to get in the van while my husband sang, “We’re going to have a baby, we’re going to have a baby!”  (He was tired of me being indeterminately sick and pregnant, while he catered Kleenexes and cleaned the kitchen with the shop vac.)  Meanwhile, the contraction app on the iPhone was flipping out about how we needed to call an ambulance.E6927922-49A6-444F-96E2-307C8E355CF6We arrived at the midwives’ at 8:00.  I leapt into the birthing tub and the baby was born at 9:00.  I was watching the clock.  I told the midwives I would only do this for an hour.  Anything more than that is ridiculous.E33A4ED6-10FF-46CC-9CB3-A7EFE316A35A

We were back home at 11:00, where the new addition was decidedly well received.  Less enthusiasticly, we also discovered that the main water line was broken. Daddy Boy suited up and stayed under the house for the next two days.  …While we flushed the toilet with buckets and drank out of water bottles.  Sick and wrong, people. Sick and wrong. 13B60FB7-B080-4029-84CD-CE3CF7D9A310

The children were excited to finally celebrate the baby’s Zero Birthday.  When else would a piñata be more appropriate?C8983795-9B46-4AE7-8249-12AC80C4E13D6549A39D-FAC0-414F-9E50-08FB26A4D71703DCFDD1-7055-4B16-8127-D8A305EEF3B9

Rahab and her Darling.


Rahab is Gideon’s Darling  So he will oversee the new apprenticeship.  I can tell you right now, it’s nice to have a strapping young man around the house.  I will never have to carry a car seat again. FEDA2328-3399-4BC6-B493-261A8B27638D

On a less exciting note, it became clear in the first 24 hours that this baby wasn’t going to nurse.  So we just pretended he was a little baby squirrel and I was a dairy cow. 5E32A20A-33B4-4E60-ADD0-19E0FBE33F4F8EA7D318-9269-4265-8B52-E569B3E523EB

Uriah, becoming accustomed to his station.F3D10C02-4190-465C-ADF6-170A3B21DD63

Baby nap!  It doesn’t get any better than this.8DDC9E7C-6D15-487D-8386-B6FC0E5DFF9A32120DD6-0C6B-49AE-BEE5-E5164C06AFCF25020B88-F21D-47B1-92E3-9F8D750A306B

There is a little fighting over who gets to hold him.  The line is quite long and Jehu always cuts.  A motion for twins has already been put forward and seconded. 083EF646-045C-4673-B660-EF27C4295E93

Unfortunately, the only reason I am blogging (and not totally ignoring you) is because the baby was admitted to the hospital Tuesday night with RSV.  I am effectively held hostage and cannot do the smallest load of laundry or comet a single toilet. Instead, I get to hang out with Guinea pig baby and an ominous yellow breast pump while twiddling my thumbs.


Fortunately, baby is kicking the RSV and is off oxygen.  For being sick, at least he is not sickly.  But the feeding tube might not come out for a while since we kind of need to retrain his mouth.  The kid didn’t even come with a gag reflex.  Life is kinda rough.  But he’s a tough little Dude.

And so dang cute.

3 thoughts on “I May Have Neglected To Mention…

  1. Congratulation Mark and Miranda on having another little boy. So exciting! I am so sorry that he had a rough start, though. My prayers are with little Uriah and the rest of the family!

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