Easter 2017

We took the baby to Jerome for Easter.  We set his IV pole up in the van and pump fed him en route on the freeway.  I guess there is an upside to these things.IMG_9828

Tractor Papa put together the nicest little treasure hunt for the kids.IMG_9833

He even went to the Dollar Store and picked out jewels for all the little girls.IMG_9836

Riding in the back of the truck on the way home with their treasures.IMG_9838

Marc and his father.  The resemblance is striking.IMG_9844

New toys at the breakfast table.IMG_9846

Happy Easter!


I’m excited for spring and getting to know our new little baby.  For as much as a nuisance as he is, I have this suspicion that he is my favorite.  He has giant eyes, no chin, and melts your heart.  If you can be cute with a tube up your nose, you’re officially cute.

One thought on “Easter 2017

  1. Congratulations on your new little man! I hope he’s doing better!

    So, my family is moving to Moscow. We were there last week for an inspection on the home we’re buying. We went out to lunch at a Mexican restaurant and as we were waiting for a table, I noticed the lady next to us and instantly recognized her as your mom. I introduced myself, and weirdly she knew who I was (“You have the cute red house in the country, right?” Yep. For another week.). It was super fun meeting someone in real life who I only know through the blogosphere. Thought you’d get a kick out of that.

    Take care! And maybe I’ll meet you too one day now that I’m in your neck o’ the woods. 🙂

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