Race Day

And they’re off!IMG_0369

Jael, 11:36.IMG_0372

Rahab, 15:31.IMG_0373

Gideon, 7:26.IMG_0377

Jehu, 8:19.IMG_0379

We keep doing this every year, they must like it.  The free snacks I assume, not the suffering.IMG_0383

After the race, we drove to Jerome to visit their cousins at the Little City of Rocks.IMG_0393

Because what is more fun than hopping around on rocks?IMG_0395


Our new favorite place.IMG_0425IMG_0431


One thought on “Race Day

  1. I’d be jealous, but then I remember it’s not about me, I sure enjoy your family, even at a distance, and I enjoy that you all are having fun!

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