Canon Rebel XT

I was kinda wondering why I wasn’t blogging.  Other than my life being insanely busy and the fact that I’m still sticking to the kitchen floor.  I decided what I really needed was a camera.  I have always needed a camera.  And every time I go to get one they are $500, on sale.  And I repent.  Quickly.  Other times I mope around on Craiglist and look at the used $230 ones.  Or the $150 ones.  Still nothin’.  But just this week I saw one for $50.  I was like, $50?  I can do $50.  Plus, you always know where you’re at with a $50 camera.  Does it take a picture?  Yes.  Does it look sorta nice?  Yes.


Behold.  The very first picture I took with my 12 year old camera standing on the porch of the Craigslist lady in question.

Good ’nuff.

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