Staying Home

We have been settling back into our school schedule.  It feels good.  I was telling Marc the other night how much I love staying home.  I was trying to describe what it was like, and all I could come up with is that it feels like Christmas.  You know, chestnuts roasting by an open fire.  It feels like that.

On days when it’s not too messy and there isn’t too much screaming.  🙂     IMG_6107

What I can figure is that your ordinary life, with no coming and going, is a kind of litmus test of your soul.  When you strip everything away, your friends, peers, shopping, entertainment, plans…all you have is you.  And your people.  And do you like it?  Not only do you like it, do you love it?  Because life doesn’t need any supplements.  It’s not something you arrive at, or something you buy.  It’s here all along, and if you don’t love that, how can you love anything?  IMG_6109

I think that’s why I like homeschooling.  It’s the kind of environment that forces contentment and gratitude, like hyacinths.  Every day you stare down the barrel of reality and there is no where to run.  In college I minored in philosophy for three years until I copped out and switched to religious studies.  But I have the kind of mind that wants to find what’s on the very bottom.  And this is it.  Sticky floors, clamoring children, food, questions, books, hugs, dirty husbands coming home from work, the seasons changing outside the window, fires, prayers, band-aids, laughter, laundry, everyone snuggling together in my bed outside under the trees, screaming in the rainstorm and fighting over the blankets.  This is just it.  The best things, at the very bottom.  Free and overlooked.  Like snuggling on the couch, toasted by firelight, listening to Daddy read.  But it’s just an ordinary Wednesday in September.  It only feels like Christmas.

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