Zip It

I thought that since this was my blog and all, I could start writing totally random things on it.  That’s right.  So the other day I bumped into the blog of a Christian woman and saw this:

Raw. Vulnerable. Exposed.

Full of emotion, yet void of emotion.

Hopeful, yet doubtful.

Wanting more and wanting less.

Deeply longing for closeness. Resisting it as it comes.


Those are all things I’ve felt in the past few days.


Of course, I don’t know what kind of situation this lady is in.  But her words reminded me of what happens when I decide to have a conversation with my crazy.  I am quickly catapulted into the nearest philosophical black hole.  Wherever sin and bitterness goes, inane mental contemplation seems to follow.  That’s just what I’ve noticed.  My advice?  Zip it.  Don’t believe a thing you think when you’re slumming.  It’s not a good time for a long, sit down conversation with your inner self.  Even though it sounds so deep, so raw and vulnerable.  Heck no, get out fast.  Waste no time chatting in the bowels of self.  And for heaven’s sake, don’t encourage her!  She’s not your friend.  Perhaps there are things that need chatted about, things that need fixed, but this is not the time.  This is the time to run.

Once you’re out of Dodge, once you have the right attitude, the view is suddenly a lot clearer.  The problems you were waxing Byronic about before, suddenly fit into two crisp, quite boring sentences.  Sin, on the other hand, never seems to run out of words.  Sometimes they even sound convincing.  But in the light of day, they’re ever so whiny and childish.  Not to mention, embarrassing.  My advice?

At least, that’s how I deal with my problems.  😉




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