Books, Books, Books, Books, BOOKS

These are the science/history books we have on hand right now, that people have finished.  We love Genevieve Foster, all of the Guts & Glory Books, and the entire 22 volume set of The Seafarers.  I know Gideon has read all 22 and Jehu is chipping away at them.  IMG_6658

I had to take a separate picture of Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales.  I collected five of them for the picture, and the moment I turned my back they were gone.  I found these two and then gave up.  They would probably get voted favorite history book of 2017/ever.

IMG_6666 (2)

These are the science/history books that haven’t been touched yet.  But they’ll get there.IMG_6661

Similarly, this is the pile of literature books they are working on.  Right now, Gideon is in the thick of Les Mis.  Jael is reading Bound for Oregon.  Last I remember, Jehu finished Watership Down and is re-reading Peter Pan.  Rahab is working though all of her manners books, and is the middle of Daniel’s Duck.  They only have a little bit of time for enforced literature reading.  Just enough to get their toes wet.  After that, the book really has to speak for itself.  Gideon can’t put down Les Mis, Jehu loved Watership Down, and Jael especially remarked on The Return of the Dragon.  Other books don’t fare as well.  But I do notice, the bigger battle isn’t getting them to like the books, it’s getting them to start them.  There are so many books they would have never started, that they ended up loving.  That I forced them to pick up, and they refused to put down.IMG_6662

And that’s how you know it’s a good book



2 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books, Books, BOOKS

  1. We checked out a Hazardous Tales book and a Guts and Glory book. We’ll have to let you know what we think. Our recommendation for a history-based novel: Blood on the River by Elisa Carbone.

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