The Most Beautiful Day In The World

Today the kids and I took the afternoon off and drove around town collecting leaves.  We couldn’t resist.  Boise is absolutely glowing in color and the sun was out!  We couldn’t find leaves at the cemetery or park because the leaf mulchers are hot at it.  Instead, I herded the children down quiet residential streets with grocery bags while I drove behind drinking iced coffee chillin’.  Luckily, we only got yelled at once.

The children all declared it was the most beautiful day in the world.


As we turned onto our street to go back home, I remembered Grandma Sandy said she had sent us a present.  “Don’t forget to check the mail,” I said.  And as I pulled up in the drive I was like, what is that?  Tires.  Seriously.  Grandma Sandy sent tires in the mail.IMG_6312

Suffice to say, the children thought they were theirs.  Like, personally.  Best toys ever.IMG_6314

We wheeled them over to the neighbor’s and said hi.  Like I said, gorgeous day.  Everyone was out.


Who is the cutest baby?IMG_6323

Uriah Dude!IMG_6326IMG_6327

Tire races.IMG_6331

Tire rides?  No takers.  I sense a lack of trust.IMG_6336IMG_6341

Daddy drove up to find all of his children playing in the street.  He wanted to know how Grandma Sandy knew our exact tire size.IMG_6340

Grandma magic I guess.  And the tires are HOT.  All I need now is a lift kit.  😉


Thanks Mom!


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