Otto Family Christmas Card 2017

Just looking at this makes me tired.  And I’m not even the person who had to Photoshop it.  😉miranda2017 (2) - Editedmiranda2017back (1)

For some reason, the idea to do a Where’s Waldo Christmas card popped into my head out of nowhere.  I immediately started to ruminate on it.  Where could we take a picture in a crowd anyways?  The fair, ahha!  And then the game was on.  But how could we take a picture of the kids without accidentally loosing a few?  I know, I’ll just find some handlers.  (Sure, it will be easy.)  The next problem was getting into the fair, since it costs $40 for a family of nine.  The only exception being noon on opening day, when it’s free.  I’ll take it.  Of course, none of my go-to photographers were available at that time, I couldn’t find anyone to shadow the children, and Marc had to work.  I was undeterred.  That’s all right, I will just take all 7 children to the fair by myself and hang out until Marc got off work around 3.  How bad can it be?IMG_5709 (1)

Um, well Daddy Boy didn’t get off work until 4:00, and we didn’t find each other until 5:00.  This is what happens when you don’t have cell phones and you make your rendezvous plans with someone who is dyslexic.  I was sitting in the art building playing whack a mole with six kids and an infant, while my husband sat in Not The Art Building, reading soccer scores on his phone for an hour.  Right next door.  When we finally caught up with each other I was ready to go home.  But I noticed my husband seemed strangely refreshed.  Not to be outdone, I sucked it up.  Let’s do it.  So, without a photographer, with 7 hungry unsupervised children, 5 EMPTY water bottles, and lovely 100 degree temps, we took all these totally random pictures.  Which we eventually shipped off to Marc’s sister.  “Can you do anything with these?”

Cuz if you can’t, I don’t even care.  That’ right.IMG_5712 (2)

Luckily, Marc’s sister makes magic.  And small Ottos will sit still in proportion to how big the bag of cotton candy is that you bribed them with.IMG_5722 (1)

My favorite part was taking stalker pictures of fair life.  The pickings were pretty slim.  Because it was TOO STINKING HOT to be at the fair in the middle of the day.  But I did my best.IMG_5743

I love the fair.  I really do.  I could do this all day.IMG_5753 (1)

I’m glad this guy got to make his signature appearance.  Wait, I thought this was the Otto’s Christmas card?  Nope, Iron Maiden’s.IMG_5762IMG_5831IMG_5833

Yes, that’s just me taking pictures of your bum.  You know, since you were so kind as to share.

IMG_5839 (1)

And this!  I was like, “Jael, get out of my way you’re confusing the auto-focus!”  I was trying to be discreet (you know me).  But wow.IMG_5840 (2)

And there you have it.IMG_1985 (1)

Merry Christmas from the Ottos. IMG_1988 (1)

What did you expect?  😉

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