Christmas Day 2017

Yep, this is the extent of my picture taking ambitions on Christmas day.  Clearly, I was done.  Here are our annual custom tees from my sister-in-law.MVIMG_20171224_190640 (1)

Mommy (conveniently not pictured, I wonder how that happened?) – I’m Freaking Cold

Dude – Roomba

Judith (a.k.a. Muscle Duck) – Duck Duck Goose

Daddy Boy – “If I am shaven, then my strength shall leave me and I shall be as weak as any  other man.”

Eve – Punk Ranha (yet another curiously acquired nick name)

Jael – Jael Otto, Jael Otto, Gelato!  (It’s a picture of a girl with ice cream on her head.)

Jehu – It’s Too Peopley Outside (Although, Jehu did observe that it is, in fact, too peoplely inside.)

Rahab – With enough thrust, pigs fly just fine.

Gideon – If I can’t bring my book, I’m not going.

IMG_0878 (1)

The boys were pleased to discover that the tall packages did not contain golf clubs.  Woot!IMG_0886

Daddy Boy sending mixed signals.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, hop on over to this Google photo album to see some motion photos from my mother-in-law’s phone.  I think they’re kinda creepy.  Like, you’re looking at a picture of the baby and all of the sudden he blinks.  Aaagh.

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