Nothing like a little after Christmas flu.  It took about two weeks for it to hit us all.  Way to go, Jael.

Gideon and Jehu were wrestling in the back on the way home and clocked Eve in the face.  We eventually got her bloody nose to stop by pirating Daddy’s data so she could watch Peppa Pig up high.

Uriah Dude had the flu the worst and was barfing up a storm.  Mostly on Jehu.


Around New Years we got around to “undecorating.”

Then on our way out the door to church Daddy Boy went curling with baby Dude on the ice and he ended up back in the ER.  Cuz it’s his favorite place.


Naturally, the housework has suffered.  You know it’s desperate times when the man decides to chip in.

After the ice incident Marc decided it was time to fix the gutters, which turned into, “Maybe we should replace the fascia?”  And then kind of dwindled into, “…Maybe not?”  You know, when we feel like it.IMG_0996

Meanwhile, let’s remodel the entire bathroom.

I’ll get back to you.

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