Ottos + 6 Pillar Candles

They were in a free box at a yard sale.  I tried to pass them up.  But my brother said, “Wouldn’t your kids like playing with those?”  I think he was thinking something constructive, like making candles.  My children were like, “Let’s make a giant stalactite!”  In the house.  I was pretty sure they were going to be an outside toy, but I made the mistake of taking a shower.  Showers are always dangerous.IMG_3300

It was an all day project.  They both would take little breaks and come by and feed it.  IMG_3302

Until it turned into a monster.IMG_3303IMG_3306

Next, Jehu wants to craft a wax base so he can display it upright.  Also in the house.  How did we go so wrong?  Grendel’s arm, great for any decor.IMG_3312

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