A Few Of My Messes

I have been going for broke around here.  I suddenly felt like I had enough breathing room to do a project.  And since it has been so long, I must have felt a little nervous, since I decided to do three at the same time.  Just in case I never surface again.


The bathroom was a lot of work.  Someday I will post it start to finish, because it’s rather insane.  But for now, we just pulled all the old caulk around the tile, patched a lot of damaged drywall, put in new light fixtures, and repainted.  In the end, it kinda looked the same.


Re-painting white, white, is never entirely satisfactory.IMG_3994

So, on a whim, I dove into my bedroom, tossed everything into the middle of the floor and painted everything gray.  I think it was my mother’s fault.  She was visiting and is what you would term a “paint enabler.”  “Let’s do it, no one will know.”  IMG_3902

My mother-in-law got me room darkening curtains for my birthday.  I must say, sleeping in a dark room is kinda addicting.  I had to take it to the next level with dark paint.  The downside is that now I can’t see inside my closet.IMG_3903

At the same time, my mother and I started work on the front of the house.  All of our wood trim was cased in tin.  So we pulled it off, section by section, and prepped and painted it.  It took TWO days to prep the garage doors.  Scraping, fill, sanding, caulk.  The whole nine yards.IMG_7404

This is the loveliness we would find when we pulled the tin.  Happy lead paint fest, that.IMG_3996

Pulling the tin left tons of staple marks, so you can see my patches everywhere.  It took a day just to prep this window.IMG_4003

Then, for some reason, perhaps because I was already holding a paintbrush, I decided to hit the picnic table while I was at it.  Voila.


Somewhere in the middle of all this, a small child came out and said, “I have to puuuuke…..” *splat*

Sure ‘nuf.

I think that pretty much describes my working conditions.  Not to mention, Eve stuck her entire hand in a can of paint, smeared it on herself, and then jumped naked into the kiddie pool.  ???


Yesterday, I put a second coat on the garage doors, pulled the tin off of these windows, prepped them, threw on a first coat, and quickly cleaned the yard.  The children, and almost every tool Marc owns, have been living in the front yard for two weeks.  The neighbors were starting to despair. IMG_4010IMG_4018

But don’t worry, it’s all better.  Just don’t look at the soffits.


Next up, choosing the the new paint color for the front door.  Saving the best for last.  IMG_4022IMG_4023


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