Last week was a week of firsts!  Jael had her first day of American Heritage Girls.  Which is the patriotic, smackingly Christian version of Girls Scouts.  Now all she needs is a gun.


While girl infested social groups are definitely not my thing, they do seem to be Jael’s.  She is the epitome of the word “involved.”  Fortunately, my friend, who leads at AHG, took pity on her and covered the fees for her initiation rights and statist uniform, and trolled me with paperwork.  “Just sign here.”  Jael loves it.


Okay, maybe not statist.  But tell me she doesn’t look like a member of the Young Workers League?  As always, the moral of the story is DON’T MESS WITH JAEL.


Also new, I kicked Gideon’s 14 year old butt out of the house and told him to go to school.  He tried to pretend he didn’t like it.  I think that was mostly having to tuck in his shirt.


It all came as a bit of a shock.  Something along the lines of, “But Mother, I haven’t done a day of work in my life.”

I know, and that’s all going to change.  Welcome to the rhetoric stage.  Everything is different, as they start to develop an awareness of themselves and a need to impress.  Gideon has always had a hankering for excellence.  A competitive spirit.  He is deeply grieved to know how hard he is going to have to work, just to please himself.  This makes me chortle and rub my hands together.  Take that, son!


(P.S.  You’re going to do great!)

I was always unsure what we would do when the kids got older.  I always wanted them to go to a quality school.  However, since I knew we couldn’t afford it, I was prepared to roll up my sleeves and homeschool to the bitter end.  That’s when we found Boise Classical Academy.  A classical school, with homeschool roots, on a college schedule.  Classes are M/W/F and he can register for as many or as a few as he likes.  This year he is taking two classes, Foundations and Lit, at $150 a month.  Which is more reasonable than not.  Especially when my mother pays for half of it.  🙂  They also accept hard time, so I had to sell my soul.  I’m only unsure of its monetary value.  But what I am most excited about is that I still get to keep him!  I love the three day week with only a few hours in the morning.  I feel like I can still be involved in his education and he’s not swallowed into some indefatigable machine, never to be seen again.


Not to mention, it will be plain good for him.  There are just some things you can’t do at home.  As I read on his syllabus, “In reasoning, you will grow in your ability to think critically and communicate effectively.  You will learn how to have an idea, state an idea, and support an idea.  We will first explore what makes a good argument, and then turn our attention to the Fallacy Detective to see what makes a bad argument.  Activities and assignments will consist of worksheets, group games that cultivate persuasion, listening, and problem solving, and class debates that target various skills.”  This class, in particular, is taught by a lawyer, doing double time.  While his literature class is taught by an author, also apparently burning the candle at both ends.  Not to mention, both classes are ALL boys!

IMG_7472 (2)

And…wait for it…it’s in biking distance!  Woot, woot!


As for Miss Judith Wilda, she had her first day of soccer practice.  We really weren’t going to do team sports for the girls.  But Judith is just so…sporty.  The boys wanted to watch her go.  And sure enough, she scored four goals at today’s game.


Pretty good for being only half of her real size.  She may be a shrimp, but she’s a fast shrimp.IMG_6904

I think it helps that one of her nicknames is “Scrappy.”


“Scrappy Doo Doo.”  Way to go.


You look good in Gideon’s old shoes.

2 thoughts on “Firsts

  1. You are so blessed to have a quality program nearby for Gideon. I put my oldest, 12 in Logos Online (only 2 classes) which so far has been great. The reading list for Integrated Humanities rivals what I did as a Classical Studies major in college! It would be nice to have it in person but this is the next best thing and it was pretty clear last year that he had run far ahead of my capabilities. I think these intelligent boys who haven’t been numbed by years of roll calling and multiple choice worksheets just eventually have to get out and spar academically with worthy rivals!

    • I know, I am so pleased. Although I do have my eye on that reading list as well. 😉 I love that he is home enough that I still get to add in what I like.

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