Face ‘Em Out

I just read this post at Read Aloud Revival and was like, Duh.  Why did I not think of this?


The children are naturally drawn to the books that face out.  Plus, it’s just more satisfying to pick up a book that’s on display, versus having to dig for one.  And I’ve had the whole top of this piano just sitting there, doing nothing.  It’s like it was meant to be.  Plus, I will just have fun restocking it with my picks every time I tidy the living room.  New favorite job.

Decorating with books.  Yay.

2 thoughts on “Face ‘Em Out

  1. Have you looked into the gutter trick for displaying books? Screw old pvc or such gutters to the walls then put the books in the troughs. Displays them quite well. A part of the library up here has a set up like that for the kids.

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