How You Know You’ve Checked Out Too Many Library Books

The librarian accidentally printed our entire receipt, on two different occasions, so we saved them for posterity.  We usually keep 150 books out at a time, but this week it bumped up to 192.  150 is manageable, but 200, that’s excessive.  Show some restraint.

IMG_7554 (1)

I always mean to take pictures of the fun books that come through, but I never remember.


This time I will make an exception, because this is the most enchanting book I have seen.  Ever.


You just go get that.


And a very fun history in the back too.


Also, these watercolors of Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.


Naked.  This is just pure amazingness.


Fun science books for Rahab.  If you ask me, there’s really no other way to learn.  I *heart* picture books.  I have to keep myself from curling up on the couch and reading every one of these myself.

IMG_7526 (1)

Literature pickings for Jehu and Jael.


Science/engineering books for the big kids.  Gideon is reading “The Hot Zone” and Jehu is making a shopping list from Mad Science.  Something along the lines of “different things to set on fire.”


History for the big kids.  “Why’d They Wear That” was a hoot.  Plutarch, not so much,  But if it has words, Gideon reads it.


Gideon’s literature stash.  The annotated Dracula really has too much extra information.  The Victorians can freak you out.  To say nothing of vampires.


And some history books for Rahab.


We’re coming to the tail end of this batch.  Which means, I am back on the hunt.  It’s a full time job.


To the library.

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