Bikes For Everyone



We can play in the middle of the street!




We have been out of bikes for two years now.  Marc would try to play bike mechanic, but eventually, all the bikes would end up in a pile by the shop.  So for the girls’ birthday Grammy got them new Craigslist bikes.  We’ve never spent more than $15 for a bike.  So this is definitely a step up.


Instead of getting Wal-Mart bikes, we opted to find some used nicer bikes.  I was very happy with our finds.  Eve got a Giant Lil Pudd’n on the left, Judith an Electra, and Rahab a Trek Mystic.


Dude is rockin’ Rahab’s old Scuttlebug, but I think he might be ready for a balance bike pretty soon.


It’s a posse.   Now I need to get a traffic cone to set out in the middle of the street when they’re playing.


Just in case anyone doesn’t get the memo that the end of this dead end street is ours.


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