Even More Birthday

Daddy, doing his duty.

IMG_5773 (1)

He looks like a man on his way to The Village or something.  I think he also went to Lush Cosmetics and Charming Charlies.  I guess that’s how the girls will know how much their Daddy loves them.  By how much he suffers.


Daddy Date round 2.


They skipped the U-Swirl tradition on round 1.  So they hit it hard on the rebound.


It’s the best.


Judith said her favorite part was dancing.  The fountain is synchronized to all the worst songs.  And then it’s wired everywhere, so there is no escaping it.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Entirely depending on your perspective.


The next day we stirred up a rager of a party.  50 people in 1700 square feet + a yarn cobweb and all you can drink hot chocolate.  Again, it depends on your perspective.  But I think the small heathens among us live for this kind of crazy.


I think the adult to kid ratio was something like 13 to 37.


Each child got a string and then followed it to their very own mini Squishmallow (thank you Costco.)


And here I am, frying up a double batch of scones while being wrapped in yarn.  I felt like I was being preserved so they could eat me later.  When they ran out of snacks.


And that, girls, is a wrap.  The double birthday is over.  We killed it dead.

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