Halloween 2018

Someone recently told me I must spend a fortune on Halloween.  Buying costumes for all those kids!


Nope, I don’t spend a dime.  Just like the good ol’ days.


I don’t remember my mother ever buying me anything for Halloween, much less sewing me something.  In fact, on Halloween, you were kind of on your own.  It was an “under the radar” type of holiday, involving lots of duck tape and lack of parental supervision.


An improvisational holiday of resourcefulness and mild desperation, for the sheer purpose of getting as much candy as possible.  It helps that it is dark.  That’s what I tell my children.  “It will be dark Gideon, no one will know you’re wearing a Pocahontas costume backwards!”  We keep a Halloween bin and I don’t ever ask anyone what they want to be, I tell them what we have.  And I’m always amazed at what we scare up 3 hours before it’s time to leave with zero trips to the store.  That’s the spirit!


This year, we threw a burlap sack on Gideon’s head and called it good.  He did make me make the eye holes bigger.  I suggested he didn’t need any at all.  Jehu donned his high heeled logging boots, suspenders, and an axe and went as a lumberjack, but refused Sharpie stubble.  I found the results questionable.  Jael wore the Chinese pajamas she found yard saling this summer with a paddy hat and bowed every time people gave her candy.  Rahab wore Tractor Papa’s cowboy hat and a really nice rain slicker we’ve had for years, but have never had any use for except on Halloween.  Judith wore a black dress out of her closet with hand-me down black boots, and a black cape and hat.  She makes a great witch.  And Eve combined more pieces of the ubiquitous Pocahontas costume with a Polynesian skirt and lei to become Moana.  Uriah, on the other hand, was classic chicken.  Every child, starting with Gideon, has been the chicken.


They all make the same face starting out, but gradually learn to accept the indignity.

unnamed (5)

Mission accomplished!  We went with friends in their neighborhood and cleaned house.  Jehu’s candy weighed a record 8 pounds.  Thank you Hundhausens!


Let’s do it again next year.  😉

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